Keramischer OFENBAU Herdwagenofen

Shuttle kiln

With shuttle kilns from Keramischer OFENBAU you can adapt to your production requirements.

Even after countless firing cycles, a customer is still extremely satisfied with the shuttle kiln for high-voltage insulators. The kiln with a setting volume of 61 m³ consumes approx. 25 % less gas than comparable kiln systems. According to the customer’s statement, the kiln still requires almost no maintenance, burner adjustment or similar. The gas consumption, temperature distribution and production results with the high-voltage insulators are extremely good. The fibre lining is also in a very good condition.

Very flexible firing curve design due to the high-tech firing system as well as very good temperature distribution even with difficult setting are outstanding features of this shuttle kiln type, which is available both as „down-draught system“ and „up-draught system“.