As a German manufacturer of kilns for the firing of ceramics Keramischer OFENBAU successfully installed a number of chamber kilns for the firing of hand formers in Malaysia, where most of the manufacturers are located.

The advantages of the kiln concept, made by Keramischer OFENBAU:

  • Kiln working without any rails / tracks / cars
  • Using stacks and forklifters for loading and unloading the hand formers, thus enabling great flexibility for the production process
  • Kiln loading and unloading from two sides >> fast and efficient >> short kiln down times.
  • 3 firing cycles per day are possible.
  • Reduction or oxidizing firing
  • Special kiln design, preventing the kiln from cooling down too much between firing cycles, thus resulting in significantly low energy consumption.
  • Low energy consumption >> reducing the carbon footprint.

Besides handformers, this type of kiln is also suitable for glost firing of chinaware or technical ceramics.

Photo by courtesy of our esteemed customer FORMTECH, Malaysia, with several chamber kilns made by Keramischer OFENBAU.