Our team at the Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe in Bremen

fuel cell kiln

The kiln of the future comes from Hildesheim – as we have already repeatedly proven.  Axel Krause, Thomas Alten and Georg von Oldershausen are therefore successfully visiting the Bremen Hydrogen Technology Expo and demonstrating: Our kilns can not only be heated with up to 100 % hydrogen. We also build highly efficient kiln systems for the thermal treatment of SOFCs and SOECs.

Roller, tunnel oder shuttle kiln; gas, electric or hydrogen heating: Our tailor-made solutions with product tracking and full automation maximise output and quality for large-scale fuel cell production.

How efficient can we be? On less than 700 m² we can currently realise up to 200 MW SOFC/SOEC production capacity per year – including adjacent infrastructure! These figures speak for themselves. Interested? Our team is always at your disposal. Together for the kiln of the future!