Keramischer OFENBAU installed and commissioned a state-of-the-art new tunnel kiln for Egyptian German Porcelain Company in Alexandria, Egypt.

Since its foundation 1942 by acclaimed artist Fathy Mahmoud, the Egyptian German Porcelain Company has developed into lifestyle staple. Once a humble earthenware factory in Cairo, in 1986 the porcelain powerhouse has evolved, at the hands of its resilient owner Mr Sayed Fathi Mahmoud, into one of the most significant and modern porcelain manufacturers in the world. Now, EGPC stands tall as one of the most substantial porcelain plants in a single location in the world, with a production of 300,000 pieces, per day. Deeply connected to its Egyptian roots, EGPC stays true to the words behind its initiation: art for millions! Today, with an ever growing production, with double digit annual growth, and with a comprehensively renewed technological infrastructure, the Egyptian German Porcelain company represents one of the porcelain sector’s leading forces and best promises for aesthetic creation, customer satisfaction, and quality delivery.(

Keramischer OFENBAU, for 25 years busy in the field of kiln building for the ceramic industry, combines competence, innovation and reliability. This combination is the reason why Keramischer OFENBAU is one of the internationally leading providers of kiln plants for all kind of ceramics, and why the group of companies with three different international locations writes a success story which has received worldwide attention. The experienced and innovative team at Hildesheim / Germany continuously sets new standards for the sintering of ceramic products, it facilitates the integration of kilns into automated production lines and by implementing new firing technologies, i.e., the firing system EnerViT, it improves the energy efficiency of new and of existing kiln plants significantly.

The supplied tunnel kiln is the second kiln from Keramischer OFENBAU for EGPC and underlines the long-lasting and successful cooperation between the two companies. The new tunnel kiln, 50 m long and with a setting width of 3.2 m, is for biscuit firing high quality tableware, at a temperature of 950”C and an output of approx. 40 to/d. The installation includes a 6 m long dryer, kiln cars and a kiln car transport system. The kiln is equipped with the IBF system, a special firing concept for isostatically pressed tableware in staples, which ensures a high temperature uniformity in the plate staples, so that the tension in the plate bodies is reduced extensively and minimizing significantly the vulnerability to tension during biscuit firing.

The installed EnerViT firing system ensures very low energy consumption, resulting in a figure of far below 600 kcal/kg ware, a fantastic value.

The assembly and commissioning period of this kiln was carried out in spring 2021 under severe conditions due to the Corona pandemic, but nonetheless, completion of the plant was achieved within the given timeline, thanks to the great cooperation with the customer and the Egyptian agent Global Trading. Both were extremely helpful for finding quick solutions for whatever situations occur and took good care of Keramischer OFENBAU team. EGPC’s highly qualified experienced technical team is extremely satisfied with the project at all and with the new kiln in particular which contributes a good share to the company’s ever-growing and energy-efficient production.