Energy efficiency at its best from day one

Keramischer OFENBAU is building a new tunnel kiln plant for the Jaquar Group.

The Jaquar Group is one of the leading producers in India in the premium segment of the sanitary ware sector.

The supplied tunnel kiln, 120 m long and 3.6 m wide for firing high quality sanitary ware, is being built at the Bhachau plant in India. Jaquar is relying on the experienced and innovative competence of Keramischer OFENBAU and is placing the kiln including dryer, kiln car, kiln car transport system and modern process visualisation as well as kiln construction and commissioning completely in the hands of the German company in Hildesheim/Germany. For the assembly the proven cooperation with Keramischer OFENBAU India was chosen.

From day one, saleable sanitary ware is produced in this tunnel kiln. Even heavy and geometrically complex parts can be sold immediately after firing without any rejects. In addition to this high product quality, the kiln stands out for its particularly low energy consumption. For a nominal output of approx. 3.745 kg/h the energy consumption is about 650 kcal/kg ware, a fantastic value.

Jaquar is convinced of the state-of-the kiln technology of the German kiln manufacturer such that they decided still during the project phase directly on the energy-saving conversion of an existing kiln system (third-party brand).