A great article about us, our team and our strengths in aktiv-online!

We are proud to deliver reliable performance even in difficult times and are especially pleased that this does not just stay in our bubble. In addition to the recognition from the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Transport, Building and Digitalisation, the interest from many directions in our successes of recent years is a great confirmation of our work.

Kilns of the future

Our kilns for the ceramics industry of the future – we have been successfully pursuing this goal for years. New products and energy sources with maximum efficiency? We are exactly the right people for that. More information is available on our website here or here and of course on our LinkedIn profile.

Energy efficiency, new energy sources, digitalisation and the challenge of finding skilled workers – read more in the aktiv-online article. For this article, Werner Fricke visited us in Hildesheim and conducted an exciting interview with our team. You can find the result here!