Keramischer OFENBAU built two 90m tunnel kilns for the energy efficient production of sanitaryware in Mexico.



The responsible plant manager at site reported about a visit by the headquarters’ kiln specialist, his comments after they had checked thoroughly one of the tunnel kilns:
· It’s by far the most efficient tunnel kiln in the whole group!
· The results exceed by far the expectations!
· The kiln is the easiest one to control and adjust in the whole group!
· The kiln is now approved by the group and the head office strongly recommends to continue working with Keramischer OFENBAU!
· With the two new tunnel kilns they are having a huge capacity.

The customer is open to share private opinion about the great kiln performance in Mexico.

Together with our partner in Mexico Hornos STI, which carried out the assembly of the tunnel kilns, Keramischer OFENBAU are proud of having installed the kilns and working together with this esteemed customer.