Once again, a busy year comes to an end.

We are very grateful that our teams and their families as well as our company all coped well with the Corona situation so far. Although we have been confronted with some very demanding  situations concerning worldwide supply chains, we are managing well and adapting to this hopefully temporary trend. Our sales team has been exceptionally active and successfully closed some very interesting new projects, some of which will carry us into 2024. Our operational team was equally active in completing all projects with agreed timeline and to the satisfaction of the customers. As always, our focus is on developing most energy-efficient kiln technology and future heating media with green energy, as well as for the time being kilns with EnerViT and LAMBDA control as bridging technologies for kilns between present and future.

We are very proud of being part of our highly competent, creative and future-oriented team, which is the heart of our company. Thank you very much for the excellent work you did this year.

Let’s say thank you very much to all our esteemed customers, business partners and followers, for your trust and harmonious cooperation. We are all part of a valuable network for the common future business.

We wish all partners a peaceful and merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year 2022!

Thomas Alten and David McGuinness