Walking on thin ice?

Not at all! Our team will climb your roof in any weather of course! But this time, we can enjoy the best winter weather, with some sunshine even. Greetings from this roof in the snow!

There is however much more to our service than this. That’s why we’re always available for our customers, in any occasion and any weather: Our awesome team supports our customers in all needs, from consultations and trainings to analyses, maintenance, and spare part service.

Best service in all weather

Do you want to know how our team can improve your kiln plant and support you in the process? You need more information on the Keramischer OFENBAU full service? Here it is!

Sie möchten mehr Informationen zu unserem bewährten Fullservice? Die gibt es hier. You can also contact us directly at . Our customers get reliable, durable and very efficient kilns from us for products of the highest quality. Regular maintenance and repairs by a competent team that knows your kiln inside out also significantly extend its service life. The same applies to on-site training for your own team – the better your employees know the plant, the better they can work with it.

Do you like to think outside the box and overcome challenges in order to deliver optimal results to satisfied customers? Then perhaps have have something here for you in our current vacancies. We always welcome new talent to join our great team and benefit from our experience and expertise. Feel free to visit us on LinkedIn or apply directly via our application form or at .