Students wanted! At Keramischer OFENBAU, we are actively shaping tomorrow’s ceramics industry today. Therefore, we are always happy to have a breath of fresh air from new bright minds! New ideas are created by sharing our knowledge, creating experts for our research and development, contributing to a more sustainable future. Cooperation with universities and research institutions is thus very important to us as it enables us to actively shape innovation.

students wanted

The Keramischer OFENBAU team is also always glad to receive student support. Are you still in the middle of your studies and looking for a job? Get in touch with us! Are you about to graduate? If you would like to write your thesis on the topics of SOFCs, hydrogen, energy efficiency or electric heating in the ceramics industry, we look forward to hearing from you! Don’t hesitate to contact us if this does not apply to your profile and plans fully. We strive for new talents in all areas!

You can find more information on a career in the Keramischer OFENBAU team here. Feel free to contact us at or visit our LinkedIn profile for more information on students wanted at Keramischer OFENBAU and many other interesting insights!