A great start to the year: we’re in four figures!

Keramischer OFENBAU’s profile on LinkedIn has cracked the 1000 follower mark, a great number! We are delighted about the great interest in Insights from Keramischer OFENBAU and would like to thank (over) 1000 followers. In this new year, we will not only present Keramischer OFENBAU as a company on LinkedIn. We make it possible for all followers to get to know our team, our service and our plants better. Because it’s not just our highly efficient and state-of-the-art kiln systems that are convincing!

1 000 Follower

Whether it’s insights into the work of our team worldwide, information about us as an employer or case studies that show the added value of our work – on LinkedIn we can present ourselves from all sides. So it’s even nicer that so many people are here.

A big thank you from the Keramischer OFENBAU team!

Would you also like to visit us on LinkedIn? You can do so very quickly here! Find additional information on our website, for example about our service or our team. If you would also like to become part of Keramischer OFENBAU, take a look at our current job vacancies and apply today! Our team is always happy to welcome new talents we can drive the development of the ceramics industry towards a more efficient future with.