Strong sense of cooperation

We excel with competence and communication. This is possible with good teamwork, wise networking and uniform thinking.

Our experts all speak one language.

Meeting high level quality requirements worldwide is our obligation. All experts at Keramischer OFENBAU demonstrate the positive impact teamwork can really have. Our company headquarters in Germany are well connected with locations like Keramischer OFENBAU India (Noida) and Keramischer OFENBAU España in Spain (Castellon), as well as numerous other sales agencies all over the world.


One example for our perfect compatibility is that we all speak one language. Sales, technology, programming, administration and customer service all understand each other and get along splendidly. Our offices are places of encounters. A relaxed atmosphere and continuous communication turn into inspiring teamwork.

Meeting challenges worldwide

Our comprehensive knowledge in the field of sinter processes and corresponding process technologies is the result of a strong team spirit. Keramischer OFENBAU falls back on the great wealth of experience gained from many successful projects around the globe. Everyday, we learn something new we can use to further develop and grow together with and for the sake of our clients.

Complex applications in far away countries entail logistical challenges that motivate us. As a German company, we aim to live up to the reputation of meeting all budgets, deadlines and specifications. We consider our “Made in Germany“ quality rating as a nice acknowledgement of our good work.