Pursuing new processes

We conduct research and implement optimisation to set new standards. Our experts develop solutions to help clients become more environmentally friendly.

Cooperation for innovation

Our “Research & Development” department is curious for a good reason. It collaborates with universities and research institutes and takes part in research projects. As a leader in technology, our experts are always on the right track for new processes. They ensure that solutions of Keramischer OFENBAU remain competitive and keep on setting new standards for the sintering of ceramic products.


We are continuously involved in research projects to find out which combustion, process and information technology will remain sustainable. This provides valuable knowledge which benefits the company and the dialogue with clients. We like to share and collaborate with qualified junior engineers as interns and diploma students. Thus, innovation becomes a common goal.


State-of-the-art kiln plants constitute a proactive contribution to climate change mitigation. Therefore, everyday we are faced with the question: What exactly does the kiln 4.0 look like, which contributes to climate change mitigation while at the same time optimizing efficiency and profitability? The answer to that question is sought and developed by us in cooperation with our clients. Keramischer OFENBAU is aware of its responsibility when it comes to using energy responsibly and natural resources sparingly.

Our experts constantly discover new creative ways of doing things. The state-of-the-art energy management systems with integrated weighing equipment, for example, allow for an optimisation of more and more process sequences within the ceramics industry. Moreover, it is now possible to convert waste heat generated during the firing process into electricity. Our “Research & Development“ department is constantly eager to find out how to optimise existing kiln plants and reliable processes in a way as to gain massive energy savings.