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St. Nicholas at Keramischer OFENBAU

Nicholas greetings from Keramischer OFENBAU!

The Keramischer OFENBAU team wishes all partners, customers and all interested a happy St. Nicholas Day! St. Nicholas has also made it to us, with treats for us in his pocket. We were also already able to enjoy some Christmassy weather in Hildesheim last weekend. So we are very much looking forward to a calm and reflective Christmas season!

Nicholaus greetings from Keramischer OFENBAU

Such a great team needs to be celebrated! You would like to become part of our team? Find out more about your career at Keramischer OFENBAU here or on our LinkedIn profile. We are looking forward to getting in contact with you!

Jubilees at Keramischer OFENBAU

Just in time for the beginning of December, we got together with the entire team at our last information event of 2022. Over a snack in our Meeting Point, diverse topics were discussed. Of course, our colleagues in the field or at home also attended online. All on the same page – that’s vital for teamwork throughout the company!

In addition to a summary of the year, current topics and an outlook, the agenda included honouring all those celebrating their anniversary in the team. We are very pleased about their valuable contribution to the success of Keramischer OFENBAU. Congratulations on all your anniversaries!

After Alina B. and Stephan K., who had their 5-year anniversary in August, we honour Katharina E. from the spare parts team on her 15-year anniversary. Inge T. from the design team and Bernd H. from electrical engineering have been part of Keramischer OFENBAU for 25 years. Many thanks for your loyalty and valuable contribution to the company’s success!

We would like to mention once again the jubilees from earlier this year. Maik H., Friedrich O., Barbara S., Jan E. and Anne Z. have been with us for 25 years. They have been part of the company almost from the very beginning!

Jubilees at Keramischer OFENBAU

We are very grateful for the many years of loyalty of these ten team members. Looking forward to the upcoming years together! The Keramischer OFENBAU team wishes you a pleasant start to December. You would like to become part of the Keramischer OFENBAU team? Visit our LinkedIn profile and check out our current vacancies. Contact us at .

Greetings from Indonesia

Greetings from Indonesia!

Georg von Oldershausen from our sales team sends greetings from his customer visit to Indonesia. He travelled to Jakarta and once again had productive discussions with the Director of Vitreous Operations at Kohler Co. Indonesia, Emrah Kaplan. And the feedback is impressive: The customer is highly satisfied with the production in the Keramischer OFENBAU tunnel kiln! We are particularly pleased about such positive feedback. We are very grateful for the trusting cooperation between the teams and look forward to the future together.

Greetings from Indonesia! Salesman on a customer visit

Personal contact with our customers is very important to us, as we stand for customised solutions for individual needs. Our experts can give the best advice on site and work out solutions together with our customers. In this way, we can make optimal use of our expertise, competence and experience and respond precisely to our customers‘ wishes when planning our industrial kiln systems. For this purpose, we are happy to travel around the world.

If you would like to learn more about our philosophy, read on here. You are also welcome to visit us on LinkedIn or contact us via .

Would you like to become part of the Keramischer OFENBAU team and travel the world with us? Take a look at our current job vacancies and contact us via  .


Students wanted!

Students wanted! At Keramischer OFENBAU, we are actively shaping tomorrow’s ceramics industry today. Therefore, we are always happy to have a breath of fresh air from new bright minds! New ideas are created by sharing our knowledge, creating experts for our research and development, contributing to a more sustainable future. Cooperation with universities and research institutions is thus very important to us as it enables us to actively shape innovation.

students wanted

The Keramischer OFENBAU team is also always glad to receive student support. Are you still in the middle of your studies and looking for a job? Get in touch with us! Are you about to graduate? If you would like to write your thesis on the topics of SOFCs, hydrogen, energy efficiency or electric heating in the ceramics industry, we look forward to hearing from you! Don’t hesitate to contact us if this does not apply to your profile and plans fully. We strive for new talents in all areas!

You can find more information on a career in the Keramischer OFENBAU team here. Feel free to contact us at or visit our LinkedIn profile for more information on students wanted at Keramischer OFENBAU and many other interesting insights!

Team players wanted at Keramischer OFENBAU!

Team players wanted at Keramischer OFENBAU! Our future-proof solutions continuously impress customers all over the world. That is why we are looking for highly dedicated and motivated support to strengthen our teams in project management, commissioning, construction management, design, procurement and logistics, as well as in sales, project planning, and research and development.

As a technology leader, we actively shape innovation to continuously pursue our sustainable goals. We would like to continue sharing our experience and knowledge with new employees. The experts gained for future-oriented ceramic kiln construction can thus contribute to our development substantially.
„It‘s always been that way“ has had its days long ago: We are looking for bright minds who not only want to further develop our portfolio, but who also want to help shape the interaction, atmosphere and team spirit at Keramischer OFENBAU. Impact through input: New ideas, a breath of fresh air and innovative ideas continue to drive us forward.

Team players wanted at Keramischer OFENBAU!

Team players wanted at Keramischer OFENBAU! Find our current vacancies here, contact us at or view our profile on LinkedIn!

You fit well into the Keramischer OFENBAU team, but the advertised positions are not ideal for you? Are you studying and would like to write a thesis on the topics of SOFC, hydrogen, energy efficiency or electric heating in the ceramics industry? Would you like to be able to implement your good ideas effectively? We also look forward to hearing from you or receiving your application!

Shubh Deepavali!

Shubh Deepavali
The Keramischer OFENBAU team wishes all our esteemed partners in India a wonderful Diwali 2022!

Shubh Deepavali

We hope that this Diwali and its lights will spread all the peace, prosperity, happiness, and health into your life!
Our international network, our partners all over the world, and our team at Keramischer OFENBAU India make us proud everyday.


Congratulations! We wish Thomas Alten all the best for his special birthday, which we celebrated today with a joint lunch in our Meeting Point. The Keramischer OFENBAU team wishes for many more happy and successful years together!


Would you like to become part of our awesome Keramischer OFENBAU team? Take a look at our job postings or our LinkedIn profile!

There is nothing for you in the advertised positions? Are you studying and would like to write a thesis on the topics of SOFC, hydrogen, energy efficiency or e-heating in the ceramics industry? Would you like to be able to implement your good ideas effectively? Congratulations! We also look forward to hearing from you or receiving your speculative application!

Rising energy prices call for efficient solutions!

We do not only provide our customers with most efficient kilns, but also offer highly effective modernizations for existing plants. Retrofitting our heat exchanger systems for instance allows for the extensive use of exhaust air energy. This energy results from cooling processes in any roller and tunnel kilns. Heat exchangers thus save energy.

Our air-water-heat exchangers allow for specific advantages: Besides their integration into existing processes, their especially high heat transition, and their facilitated isolation, a water based system additionally allows for storage of the recovered energy. This thermal energy can thus be used further, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Heat exchangers save energy

Installing our heat exchangers enables fast savings through more intensive energy use. The exhaust air energy from the cooling processes in tunnel and roller kilns is not released unused. It is further utilised and thus reduces the plant’s energy demand. Therefore, the system is not only more efficient, it allows the kiln plant to be retrofitted with our EnerViT technology at a later date. This means that existing systems can be converted at low cost to reduce emissions and consumption in more efficient kilns. Our heat exchangers combined with our EnerViT system get the best out of your kiln plant, reduce consumption and your energy costs.

Use your residual energy! Contact us if you would like to learn more about energy efficiency through our heat exchanger systems. You can also find information here and on our LinkedIn profile!

Thank you for 888 followers!

888 followers! We now have 888 followers on LinkedIn and counting, thank you from the Keramischer OFENBAU team.


We are pleased with your interest in our team, our projects, and our visions. Are you following us already, getting to know more about us? Thank you so much! You would like to become a follower? Visit us on LinkedIn to learn more about Keramischer OFENBAU! Your would like to become part of our awesome Keramischer OFENBAU team? Check out our vacancies here.

We share interesting insights, input, news, and so much more here and on our LinkedIn profile. Stay tuned for more or get in touch for specific information!

New extended remit for Alexandra Nuss!

After four years in purchasing at Keramischer OFENBAU, Alexandra Nuss has now taken over the coordination and deputy management of our purchasing team. A promotion earned and well-deserved!
Her open and friendly personality is just as valuable in this new position as her great negotiating skills! We hold Alexandra in high regard as a nice member of the Keramischer OFENBAU team and are particularly pleased to have recruited her for this new and expanded area of responsibility.

promotion earned

We are very glad that you take on this new role in strategic and operative purchasing at Keramischer OFENBAU.
Congratulations Alexandra! We are proud that you are part of our team!

Would you also like to become part of our purchasing team or another team at Keramischer OFENBAU? Take a look at our vacancies here or visit our LinkedIn profile. We will implement your ideas and honour your commitment (not only as a promotion earned).

We are also happy to receive your application if our advertised positions do not suit you. Are you studying and about to graduate? You are welcome to contact us if you would like to write your thesis in the fields of SOFC, hydrogen, energy efficiency or e-heating in the ceramics industry with us. You still have some time until graduation and would like to get to know us as an employer? We are always happy to receive initiative applications as a working student at .

Keramischer OFENBAU team starting at the Hildesheim company run!

Running team starting in Hildesheim: We can consider last Friday’s company run a great success!
Our team participated in all three disciplines. They powered their way through different distances during this run, braving the heat. The Keramischer OFENBAU team has taken part in the Hildesheim company run every year since the inception of this great event. We are delighted that it is now possible to hold it again after the Corona break.

running team starting in Hildesheim

As you can see from the happy faces: It was a pleasure for us to participate in this great event again. Not only mental, but also physical fitness has a great added value for each of us. That’s why we are always happy to prepare together for such exciting events in our #Hildesheimat!

You would also like to become part of our great Keramischer OFENBAU team? We would be happy to receive your application for one of our open positions. Participation in the Hildesheim company run is of course not part of the job descriptions, but our running team starting in Hildesheim is always happy about any support!

Many thanks to the organisers, all runners and our team! More information is available here or here. Stay tuned and cheer us on next year at the next Hildesheim company run at Jo-Beach in August 2023. We look forward to it!

Meet our moral support department!

Our moral support department!

We would like you to meet the second half of our office dog team today: Leo and Kira. They like to spend their time in our bright and open premises at our headquarters in Hildesheim, but also often make use use the meadow behind our building or the large car park outside. As you can see in the pictures, they also use their resting phases at the ergonomic desks of their dog moms* and dads*.

Our big and gentle Kira loves greeting everyone enthusiastically wagging her tail.
At her size, this sometimes causes minor damage to objects too close to her, but she gets her cuddles frequently.

Moral support department: Kira

Leo, our little lion, often uses his puppy eyes and his exceptionally soft fur to get into our colleagues’ hearts and thus sneak all the treats he wants.

Moral support department: Leo

As different as both dogs may be, they make an important contribution to team morale! Now that we have introduced the office dog team, stay tuned for more information about the people at Keramischer OFENBAU!

Would you (or your dog) also like to become part of the Keramischer OFENBAU team (or the office dog moral support department)? You can find more information here or on our LinkedIn profile. We very much look forward to hearing from you or sending your application to . If our advertised positions do not suit you, we would also be happy to receive your speculative application. You are also welcome to contact us for final theses at Keramischer OFENBAU!

Shuttle kiln: successful ignition!

Ignition shuttle kiln successfull!

In cooperation with our client’s team, we have reached the next milestone in the construction of this shuttle kiln. The kiln for sanitary products was successfully ignited last week! Now, final work on the installation can be carried out. Our customer will then take over this particularly energy-efficient kiln in order to continue producing sanitary ceramics successfully.

ignition shuttle kiln

Successful ignition of the shuttle kiln: We are particularly proud that the implementation of this project was carried out in close coordination and cooperation between our Keramischer OFENBAU team and the customer’s team. We are very pleased about the successful cooperation in this project, which enables the particularly efficient production of sanitary ceramics!

Besides the construction of new shuttle, roller and tunnel kilns, our portfolio also includes effective energy-efficient modernisations of existing plants. Do you want to have an energy-efficient kiln for your ceramic product – from construction ceramics to CAM to SOFCs (solid oxide fuel cells) among many other applications? We are your ideal partners!
Our support does not end here: Our well-established full service also includes spare parts services and support in many other areas, such as training or technical support. For more information, visit our LinkedIn profile or contact us!

Are you interested in Keramischer OFENBAU as an employer? Become part of our great team!

Jubilees: 5 years at Keramischer OFENBAU!

5 years at Keramischer OFENBAU: Anniversary of Alina B. and Stephan K. as an important part of the Keramischer OFENBAU team!

We are very happy about every employee’s anniversary in our great team and are very grateful for every year together. These two have been an important part of the Keramischer OFENBAU team for five years now. Thank you and congratulations from the whole team!

5 years at Keramischer OFENBAU

We are grateful for such valuable employees with Alina B. in spare parts and Stephan K. in design, and that for 5 years at Keramischer OFENBAU. In the past years, Stephan K. has continuously taken on various tasks and areas of responsibility all the way to project management in our design department. Alina B.’s time with us began with her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk – which she successfully completed two years ago. She has been a very valuable part of the spare parts team, in logistics and customs matters ever since.

Thank you for five very successful years from the Keramischer OFENBAU team. Here’s to many more!

Would you also like to become part of Keramischer OFENBAU? We are very happy to receive applications for our vacancies and initiative applications. We also look forward to our contact if you want to write your thesis with us! Send us an email at or feel free to visit us on LinkedIn!

Leading-Edge Efficiency: EnerViT H2 ready

Leading-Edge Efficiency: A more sustainable future in the ceramics industry depends on highly increased energy efficiency and alternative energy sources. At Keramischer OFENBAU, we provide you with both:

Our well-established EnerViT technology allows for up to 50 % savings in both energy usage and CO2 emissions, as we have shown you in our case studies. These savings are very relevant in the industry’s transition towards a greener future, which is why we consider EnerViT an optimal bridging technology. New kiln plants or retrofitted existing plants – EnerViT is both economically and ecologically sensible.

Leading-Edge Efficiency with EnerViT plus H2 ready

But we do not stop here! The electrification of existing plants requires large investments. We thus pave the way towards the kiln of the future running on green hydrogen. We offer our customers our low-threshold solution: EnerViT H2 ready. With this system, the efficiency of ceramic kiln plants is increased immediately. Simultaneously, the plant is prepared to switch from natural gas to hydrogen with minor adaptations as soon as H2 is available.

The future-oriented leading-edge efficiency of this system therefore allows for savings now and heating alternatives tomorrow.
Developing new technologies to solve tomorrow’s problems is a priority for us today. Learn more about our kilns and about modernisations with Keramischer OFENBAU!

Let us shape our sustainable future now and bring your kiln needs to reality!

Meet our moral support department!

Our office dog team! Today, we would like you to meet the first half of our office dog team: Terra and Milow. With our old lady Terra and the youngest team member Milow, these two represent opposite personalities. In our spacious headquarter premises however, Terra can still find her peace even while Milow romps around the office and outdoor spaces. Thus, if a dog owner does not always make use of the home office option Keramischer OFENBAU offers by arrangement, they do not need to leave their animal companion alone.

office dog team

Stay tuned to meet Leo and Kira next!

Do your dog and you want to become a part of our awesome Keramischer OFENBAU team? You would like to have your dog with you at work – be it in your home office or at our great premises in Hildesheim? Get in contact with us! You can find all information about our vacancies here. We are also looking forward to receiving initiative applications.

We are also always glad to get in contact with students who would like to write their theses with us. If you want to stay up to date with what’s happening at Keramischer OFENBAU, check out our LinkedIn profile!

EnerViT case study no. 4

Another one of our case studies concerning the impact of our Keramischer OFENBAU EnerViT system shows the benefit this technology provides even in existing kiln plants:
By retrofitting this 1988 tunnel kiln with our highly efficient EnerViT system in 2020, our customer can now fire their flowerpots saving 33 % of energy and 1 400 tons of CO2 emissions annually!

These numbers show – especially during the current global developments – that retrofitting existing plants with our EnerViT system is a both economically and ecologically sensible low-threshold bridging technology in many areas of the ceramics industry.

Training for our customers

Apart from the kilns we build, our customers can also benefit from our knowledge. In the past weeks, our team offered a training for one of our German customers in which 16 operations and production managers, mechanics and electricians learned about our kilns and were able to ask all the questions they had on their minds. Understanding the kiln operation and all specific features is not only important to keep up with rising safety requirements, but also to have all our customers‘ new employees on board. Such trainings are part of our full service to ensure that our kilns‘ advantages are used to the fullest. Contact us for more information!

Schulung der Mitarbeitenden unserer Kunden

Keramischer OFENBAU is looking for you!

Our globally operating team is looking for a new freelancing member in site supervision on diverse sites worldwide. You are a reliable technician/engineer or mechatronics engineer (m/f/d) with some initial work experience and would like to work all around the world? Then being a site supervisor (m/f/d) at Keramischer OFENBAU is exactly right for you! As a supervisor, you will organize the construction site and its logistics as well as lead and motivate the international assembly teams for our state-of-the-art and highly efficient kiln plants. You will be the link between client, contractor, and supplier. If such complex tasks are intriguing to you, this is your chance! Get in contact with us to become a long-term part of our wonderful, highly qualified, and motivated team. You can find more information on our website or contact us directly. We are looking forward to your application!

joboffer (mechatronics) engineer

Sustainability in our own cause

At Keramischer OFENBAU, we do not only provide our customers with sustainable concepts for their kiln plants – as with our highly energy efficient EnerViT system or alternative heating: After having equipped the facade of our headquarters in Hildesheim with a new thermal insulation composite system, the new photovoltaic system on our company building was connected to the grid. We are glad to feed green electricity into the grid – besides supplying our premises and e-charging station – and to save additional energy thanks to our new facade!

Summer greetings from Keramischer OFENBAU!

At ceramitec 2022, we gifted flower seed mixtures to our visitors to celebrate summer and it went down really well with everyone. One of our customers even plans to recreate their break meadow with these flowers that are especially attractive to bees.
In this spirit, we wish all our customers and partners a marvellous and hopefully relaxing summertime!

Keramischer OFENBAU: Our 26th company anniversary

Keramischer OFENBAU celebrated the beginning of the second half of 2022, finally being able to enjoy events with the whole team again.

After a city tour that even taught long-standing Hildesheimers more about their city of roses, the extensive barbecue at the Miara restaurant had to be held inside due to unstable weather conditions. We were still able to enjoy a long and pleasant summer evening at the outdoor terrace together afterwards. We’re glad to finally enjoy such events again and that the weather was playing our cards in the end!
Our newest team member Axel Wiener describes this day best: “The cultural first part of the day allowed me to discover Hildesheim and during the culinary second part, I got to know the great team.“

Thank you to the whole team for this awesome day!

Case study No. 3 for EnerViT

EnerViT plus can – as we demonstrated in previous case studies – increase your kiln’s efficiency considerably. Not only existing kilns can benefit from a retrofit with our technology, but building a new kiln is also economically and ecologically sensible with our EnerViT plus system. As most conversations we had at ceramitec 2022 focused on energy efficiency, we want to provide you with insights into the savings we have realized in past projects. Building a new kiln in replacement for this tunnel kiln with our EnerViT plus technology for example allowed for 44.9% of energy savings and 1320 t less CO2 annually. While increasing the output of sanitaryware by one third, energy needs are minimized considerably.


You want to know more? Contact us or find out more here.

At a glance: ceramitec 2022

At a glance: ceramitec 2022 was a success for Keramischer OFENBAU!

Although we are still in the evaluation process, we can already say that after the years without trade fairs, the week was very intense and successful. We enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere, strong team spirit, and many interesting conversations. Our expectations regarding visitors at our stand were exceeded as many long-standing and new customers came along to talk about new projects. The focus here was put on our strengths in energy efficiency and alternative heating. Thank you to all our visitors, to the Keramischer OFENBAU team and the ceramitec organisers!

Half Marathon in Hamburg

On Sunday, directly after the trade fair week, it was once again time for our colleague Axel Krause to run for all he’s worth in „pleasant“ temperatures at the #hellahalbmarathon in #Hamburg 💪🏻!

Quote Axel:
„More than a time of 1:42:14 h or 4:51 min/km was not possible today (for me) – but @8sechs really delivered 💪🏻, my utmost respect and appreciation for this extraordinary performance 👌.
Everyone who finished today can be proud of themselves! Go for a new one next year 🙂 Thanks also to all the helpers and rescuers!
For every second at the finish under 1:45 h I would donate 0,50€ to Herzenswünsche e.V. as announced! True to the motto „double up on fun“, however, I will double the amount so that we are at least in the three-digit range 😊. Would you also like to give something, whether as a lump sum or depending on the finishing time? #everyeurohelps #everyeurocounts ! Even if it’s 5€, they help! More information at:
This is where seriously ill children’s long-awaited wishes are fulfilled – a great cause!“ #justdoit
Herzenswünsche e.V.
Sparkasse Münsterland-East
IBAN: DE45 4005 0150 0000 370080

CONGRATULATIONS, Axel, great performance in these hot temperatures, Keramischer OFENBAU team is proud of you!

Keramischer OFENBAU’s EnerViT Technology

Many companies have been facing challenges posed by profound changes in global energy systems limiting the security of supply and cause rising prices for fossil fuels. Keramischer OFENBAU/DE takes a proactive role in facing these challenges by developing and implementing visionary solution concepts and by providing a highly efficient low-threshold transition solution: Keramischer OFENBAU’s innovative EnerViT technology allows for savings of up to 40 % in specific gas consumption and has been implemented not only in new kilns, but also in the modernization of numerous existing plants increasing their efficiency to a maximum.

Read more here in the latest cfi newsletter.


Keramischer OFENBAU at ceramitec 2022

Finally in person and at site! Keramischer OFENBAU will be there!
We’ll exhibit at ceramitec 2022 from 21.06 – 24.06.2022 in Munich and cordially invite you to visit us.

You’ll find the informationen around our trade fair here.


Keramischer OFENBAU GmbH: Competence – Efficiency – Innovation

Find out more about how we use our competences and network to create the sustainable kiln of the future in our showcase for the ceramic forum international. Energy savings through considerable efficiency increase and innovation for alternative energy sources in heating are always in our focus. With these both economically and ecologically sensible approaches, we contribute to a sustainable future of the ceramics industry.

Read more at cfi showcases.

Shuttle kiln work in progress

Work in #progress: Our team is currently installing this #shuttle_kiln in excellent #collaboration with the customer’s team. Our #service orientation is especially based on the fast and #efficient work of the Keramischer OFENBAU teams and the personal, individual contact with the customers‘ teams for #successfull planning and execution of the projects. Thus, our customers do not only benefit from highly efficient kiln plants, planned according to individual needs, but also from our intensive #support during the whole process.

Learn more about our #projects and #competences at or contact us via email at . We would also gladly present our company to you at ceramitec 2022 in Munich, Hall C2.322!


Case study No. 2 for EnerViT

With #EnerViT, new and existing kilns become highly #efficient, as our second case study demonstrates: This #tunnel_kiln was #retrofitted in 2016. The #sanitaryware can now be sintered with more than 25% of #energy #savings and 1 276 tons of CO2 saved annually. EnerViT is thus both #ecologically and #economically sensible.
You want to know more? Get in contact with us or meet us at ceramitec 2022 Hall C2.322!

Further training in Lower Saxony – Qualification as a customs officer

Certificate Course – Qualification as Customs Officer (m/f/d)

A contribution to improving the skilled labour situation is the investment in further training measures for employees.
As part of an individual further training measure, a qualification as a customs officer is carried out in a new certificate course lasting several days, which covers all customs obligations and compliance with the Customs Code. All available customs procedures from the export and import area, the relevant transit procedures, origin of goods and preferences, export control law, the requirements for the AEO and its certification, customs tariff and duty law and the possible simplification permits and authorisations are taught.

We are pleased to receive funding for this individual training measure from the NBank in Lower Saxony with resources from the European Social Fund (ESF) and state funds.

Photovoltaic system at Keramischer OFENBAU

For us, realizing #sustainability is not limited to our highly #efficient customer projects, to kiln plant #construction or #modernization. This is why our headquarters in Hildesheim, Germany now benefit from a new #photovoltaic system.

Learn more about EnerViT!

Increasing energy #efficiency in thermal treatments is a vital step, economically and ecologically. With our highly efficient #EnerViT plus #technology, up to 40% of #energy savings can be achieved in new and existing continuous kilns. Do you want to know more about EnerViT plus? Follow Keramischer OFENBAU to get insights into specific case studies of implemented EnerViT projects over the next few weeks!

ceramitec 2022: Keramischer OFENBAU will be there!

At #ceramitec 2022, we will provide you with valuable insights into our work combining expertise, #competence, and many years of experience with a high capacity for #innovation for the state-of-the-art thermoprocessing technology we are known for. Save the date to visit us at this leading trade fair for the #ceramics industry to learn more about our exceptionally #efficient EnerViT firing technique and the wide range of application of our innovative solutions. We are looking forward to discussing the kiln of the #future with you!


Seasons Greetings 2021

Once again, a busy year comes to an end.

We are very grateful that our teams and their families as well as our company all coped well with the Corona situation so far. Although we have been confronted with some very demanding  situations concerning worldwide supply chains, we are managing well and adapting to this hopefully temporary trend. Our sales team has been exceptionally active and successfully closed some very interesting new projects, some of which will carry us into 2024. Our operational team was equally active in completing all projects with agreed timeline and to the satisfaction of the customers. As always, our focus is on developing most energy-efficient kiln technology and future heating media with green energy, as well as for the time being kilns with EnerViT and LAMBDA control as bridging technologies for kilns between present and future.

We are very proud of being part of our highly competent, creative and future-oriented team, which is the heart of our company. Thank you very much for the excellent work you did this year.

Let’s say thank you very much to all our esteemed customers, business partners and followers, for your trust and harmonious cooperation. We are all part of a valuable network for the common future business.

We wish all partners a peaceful and merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year 2022!

Thomas Alten and David McGuinness

Energetic optimisation and performance increase at the tunnel kiln at Ströher Group

In the course of increasing energy efficiency at Ströher Group, Keramischer Ofenbau GmbH installed the energy-efficient heating system „EnerViT“ on a tunnel kiln for brick slips, legs, angles and façade cladding and carried out further measures to increase performance and reduce electrical consumption on the kiln. A challenging, extensive optimisation project, characterised by good teamwork between Ströher and Keramischer OFENBAU. Thanks to hard-working team members, happy faces and a positive mood at ignition and heating up of the tunnel kiln. Now, everyone is eagerly awaiting the energy consumption results after the commissioning is completed.

Review: ceramitec conference & exhibition

Two successful days in Munich

“At ceramitec conference, our customers were finally able to enter into a direct face-to-face exchange with partners, experts and customers again,” explains Dr. Robert Schönberger, Exhibition Director ceramitec. “For two days, top specialists intensively discussed innovations and applications in the ceramics industry. Thus, this focused conference provided a wonderful bridge to the June 2022 show.”

Keramischer OFENBAU was there, live and in person.


Thomas Alten and Georg von Oldershausen spent two successful days in Munich, characterised by interesting personal discussions and networking in the business branche. During the conference, Thomas Alten presented our energy-efficient heating system „EnerViT“ as a bridging technology between present and future. With this system, extraordinary savings in energy and CO2 are already possible today for continuous kilns, both with existing kilns and with new ones.

Keramischer OFENBAU at the ceramitec conference & exhibition

Finally, it is possible to meet again in person on site: the ceramitec conference & exhibition – a conference with accompanying exhibition – will take place in Munich on September 15 and 16, 2021. Take advantage of the direct contact with many exhibitors, partners and experts from the ceramitec network to find out about the top trends in the ceramics industry and drive your business forward.

Keramischer OFENBAU will be there!

You want to reduce the CO2 footprint of your production facilities?
Are you looking for bridging technologies until new networks with regenerative energy supply are available?
Our energy-efficient heating system EnerViT is one answer to these questions.

Visit us at stand C6/05 and talk to us about the possibilities for designing the future of the firing technology.

Thomas Alten and Georg von Oldershausen look forward to meeting you there in person!

Did you know … insight No. 4 into 25 years Keramischer OFENBAU

With a small competent team, Thomas Alten and Roger Hilgenfeldt continued to do what they did best together: building good and innovative kilns and drive new developments forward. Today Keramischer OFENBAU is one of the leading kiln building companies worldwide, the innovative kilns stand out for their extremely good energyefficiency.

25 years later: Thomas and Roger dynamic and good-humoured as ever.

25 years Keramischer OFENBAU


  • To our customers, who have been loyal to us for many years or are new to us, for the excellent cooperation.
  • To our diverse business partners for the goo cooperation and constant new impulses.
  • To all our colleagues and your contribution to today’s company success, together we have experienced a lot and achieved a lot more.

We look forward to a common future with exciting developments in the kiln building business.

Highly efficient German tunnel kiln for fine Egyptian tableware

Keramischer OFENBAU installed and commissioned a state-of-the-art new tunnel kiln for Egyptian German Porcelain Company in Alexandria, Egypt.

Since its foundation 1942 by acclaimed artist Fathy Mahmoud, the Egyptian German Porcelain Company has developed into lifestyle staple. Once a humble earthenware factory in Cairo, in 1986 the porcelain powerhouse has evolved, at the hands of its resilient owner Mr Sayed Fathi Mahmoud, into one of the most significant and modern porcelain manufacturers in the world. Now, EGPC stands tall as one of the most substantial porcelain plants in a single location in the world, with a production of 300,000 pieces, per day. Deeply connected to its Egyptian roots, EGPC stays true to the words behind its initiation: art for millions! Today, with an ever growing production, with double digit annual growth, and with a comprehensively renewed technological infrastructure, the Egyptian German Porcelain company represents one of the porcelain sector’s leading forces and best promises for aesthetic creation, customer satisfaction, and quality delivery.(

Keramischer OFENBAU, for 25 years busy in the field of kiln building for the ceramic industry, combines competence, innovation and reliability. This combination is the reason why Keramischer OFENBAU is one of the internationally leading providers of kiln plants for all kind of ceramics, and why the group of companies with three different international locations writes a success story which has received worldwide attention. The experienced and innovative team at Hildesheim / Germany continuously sets new standards for the sintering of ceramic products, it facilitates the integration of kilns into automated production lines and by implementing new firing technologies, i.e., the firing system EnerViT, it improves the energy efficiency of new and of existing kiln plants significantly.

The supplied tunnel kiln is the second kiln from Keramischer OFENBAU for EGPC and underlines the long-lasting and successful cooperation between the two companies. The new tunnel kiln, 50 m long and with a setting width of 3.2 m, is for biscuit firing high quality tableware, at a temperature of 950”C and an output of approx. 40 to/d. The installation includes a 6 m long dryer, kiln cars and a kiln car transport system. The kiln is equipped with the IBF system, a special firing concept for isostatically pressed tableware in staples, which ensures a high temperature uniformity in the plate staples, so that the tension in the plate bodies is reduced extensively and minimizing significantly the vulnerability to tension during biscuit firing.

The installed EnerViT firing system ensures very low energy consumption, resulting in a figure of far below 600 kcal/kg ware, a fantastic value.

The assembly and commissioning period of this kiln was carried out in spring 2021 under severe conditions due to the Corona pandemic, but nonetheless, completion of the plant was achieved within the given timeline, thanks to the great cooperation with the customer and the Egyptian agent Global Trading. Both were extremely helpful for finding quick solutions for whatever situations occur and took good care of Keramischer OFENBAU team. EGPC’s highly qualified experienced technical team is extremely satisfied with the project at all and with the new kiln in particular which contributes a good share to the company’s ever-growing and energy-efficient production.

Keramischer OFENBAU participating at ceramitec conference & exhibition 2021

ceramitec conference & exhibition in Munich on 15/16 September 2021:
Personal exchange and interaction are irreplaceable  – especially in industries with short innovation cycles. 

Keramischer OFENBAU GmbH will participate and present solutions for energy-efficient kilns between present and future.
With EnerViT plus, Keramischer OFENBAU offers an energyefficient bridging technology for today’s kiln plants. Besides the equipment of new continuous kilns with this highly efficient heating system, a big advantage is the conversion / retrofitting of existing kilns by implementing the EnerViT firing technology. Significant reduction in specific energy consumption and CO2-emission were shown in many successful kiln conversions all over the world. Thus, while using existing plants, it is possible to achieve high energy savings and reduction of carbon footprint TODAY.

Read more: 

In loving memory

Losing a long-time, dear and very close business partner in his prime to cancer, this terrible disease, makes us very sad and speechless.

Pause and reflect, in loving memory.

Serviceoriented solutions and consistent quality management

Keramischer OFENBAU Group have earned the trust of customers in more than 45 countries while abiding by a proven company philosophy: to improve existing processes while constantly striving for progress. In the age of digitalisation and automation, innovation has become an obligation. We proactively provide suggestions for alternative heating and energy-saving processes to our clients. For both existing and new kiln systems: We embrace the opportunity to meet with customers who would like to grow with us and who strive to be trailblazers within their sector. Each upgrade of an outdated kiln plant entails a short transformation process. In the long run, it opens up the opportunity to take a big step forward to a green future: with EnerViT by Keramischer OFENBAU.

EnerViT kiln retrofitting as bridging technology

Considerable savings in energy, CO2 and costs with EnerViT kiln retrofitting as bridging technology for existing plants.

You want to know more? Contact Keramischer OFENBAU for details on these actual cases.
Reduce your carbon footprint, for a green future.

Tunnel kiln under construction

A new state-of-the-art tunnel kiln for sanitaryware under construction, of course equipped with our very energy-efficient EnerViT heating system.
Building a big tunnel kiln is a demanding task. Many busy hands are needed to complete the job. But now, see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Our extended eyes and ears at local sites


By using a high-tech voice-based, hands-free smart glass by local personnel at site and advanced communication tools, combined with regular online assistance from our team at headquarter Hildesheim we offer remote support and digital assistance supervision, commissioning and dimension survey of kiln plants. Ongoing plant construction site and project completion even in times of travel restrictions. energyefficiency reducing travelling and intensifying cooperation with local plant sites at all.
Just contact KeramischerOFENBAU for more details.

The right time for energetic kiln retrofitting

Lately, Keramischer OFENBAU has been quite busy with sales and contract negotiations, for new ambitious kiln projects and for kiln modernisation projects with energy efficient measures, partly combined with simultaneous capacity increase by up to 50%. We‘re happy to learn that many customers consider this time to be the right one to discuss with us in particular about projects for energetic retrofitting of existing kilns by using our highly efficient heating systems EnerViT and EnerViTplus.
Many federal states, in Germany and in Europe, support such investments with subsidies, so that the reduction of CO2 emissions together with the reduction in fossil fuel consumption is also very interesting from an economic point of view. So it is a win – win – win situation for all parties, for the customers with short ROI and less expenses, for Keramischer OFENBAU with satisfied customers, and for a greener and cleaner future.
Have a look at another example of a successfully retrofitted kiln plant.


Roller kilns for battery powders

As a German kiln building company, we realised that the European companies in the battery production chain need partnerships for successfully installing the important components of the value chain. Keramischer OFENBAU can contribute its knowhow for energy-saving and sustainable kiln concepts to such cooperation. You are welcome to contact us with any questions about the thermal treatment of battery powders.

When it comes to new kiln plants or retrofitting of existing plants, our main focus is on:

  • specific energy consumption
  • product quality
  • service life of the aggregates and materials used
  • development of advanced technologies

We are happy to support you! Talk to us!

Innovative through research

The Donors‘ Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany (Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft) honours our research activities with the quality seal of approval „Innovative through Research“.

qualitiy seal of approval Keramischer OFENBAU

Impressive use of ceramic baguettes

Ceramic baguettes produced in a shuttle kiln built by Keramischer OFENBAU at GIMA Girnghuber GmbH.

The ceramic baguettes used for the new library building, designed as free-form pavilion with a double-shell façade, in Dornbirn provide a play of light inside the building and lend the clear structure a special detail outside. Their rectangular format, the vertical and sloping arrangement and the parchment-like structure reconstruct the format and writing of a book.

What a wonderful use of the ceramic products!

Stadtbibliothek Dornbirn


Hildesheim: Strong economy – strong location

Strong economy – strong location – strong city!

Together with Unternehmer Hildesheim e.V., Keramischer OFENBAU is committed to the further development of the location.


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Keramischer OFENBAU: Competence and Know-how meets Innovation

Hot summer for our extremely successful sales team:

(from left to right: Thomas Alten, Günter Halex, Friedrich Oppermann, Georg von Oldershausen)

Severe conditions during the pandemic with travel bans, restrictions and quarantine, but our sales team, with the aid of our local agencies and video conferencing, succeeded recently in getting important orders for four new state-of-the-art kiln plants, one tunnel kiln for tableware as well as two big tunnel kilns and a shuttle kiln for sanitaryware, all in just one month.
Congratulations and a big thank you from the whole KOG team!
By the way, we offer a lot of energy efficient and revamping measures for existing kilns, i.e. retrofitting kilns of all kinds with our EnerViT system.
Further contracts, in particular for kiln retrofitting are just a mere stroke away.
Keramischer OFENBAU: Competence and Know-how meets Innovation.


Tunnel kiln renovation

Satisfied customer talks about renovation of a 20 years old tunnel kiln

Geberit asked: What does it actually mean when a tunnel kiln – the heart of any ceramic production – has to be shut down for maintenance work?

Extensive maintenance work was needed to ensure the long-term operability of the 112-metre-long tunnel kiln at the ceramics plant in Haldensleben (DE). After a good 20 years in operation, a major overhaul of the tunnel kiln had become necessary.

Read more

Or have a look at LinkedIn:

Most efficient tunnel kilns in Mexico

Keramischer OFENBAU built two 90m tunnel kilns for the energy efficient production of sanitaryware in Mexico.



The responsible plant manager at site reported about a visit by the headquarters’ kiln specialist, his comments after they had checked thoroughly one of the tunnel kilns:
· It’s by far the most efficient tunnel kiln in the whole group!
· The results exceed by far the expectations!
· The kiln is the easiest one to control and adjust in the whole group!
· The kiln is now approved by the group and the head office strongly recommends to continue working with Keramischer OFENBAU!
· With the two new tunnel kilns they are having a huge capacity.

The customer is open to share private opinion about the great kiln performance in Mexico.

Together with our partner in Mexico Hornos STI, which carried out the assembly of the tunnel kilns, Keramischer OFENBAU are proud of having installed the kilns and working together with this esteemed customer.

Shuttle kiln for insulators – the opinion of an insulator manufacturer in Asia

The company owner is very satisfied with the two shuttle kilns made by Keramischer OFENBAU, especially that the energy consumption has been reduced by about 50% and that the degree of good ware has been increased considerably by using pre-programmed O2 and temperature curves. The enthusiastic owner also likes the fact that he and his production manager have direct access to the kiln control of the individual kilns with their mobile phones. The kilns were able to reduce a considerable part of the production costs.
The satisfied insulator manufacturer therefore said that with the  two shuttle kilns from Keramischer OFENBAU he is well prepared for the increasingly difficult world market.

Successfull training at Keramischer OFENBAU

Congratulations to our trainees Julia and Alina!

They have successfully completed their training as industrial clerks at the end of July 2020.

Karriere bei Keramischer OFENBAU

The two young women have passed through all departments in the commercial and administrative areas of our internationally active kiln building company and have been strongly involved in the practical side of their daily tasks from day one. With their friendly, open-minded and committed manner, they have given important impulses in various areas in a future-oriented manner. Alina and Julia also mastered the special requirements during the Corona Pandemic in the vocational school and especially during the final examinations with confidence and success. Now they are well prepared for a professional life with an international environment.

We thank Alina and Julia very much for the good cooperation, you are great colleagues! All the best, luck and success for everything that comes now.

Keramischer OFENBAU India No.1 kiln builder in India

Congratulations to Keramischer OFENBAU India for the successful assembly of a  tunnel kiln for sanitaryware at customer BAFIT, India. Such a great team with a great spirit.

Keramischer OFENBAU India is the No. 1 and market leader for building kilns for the ceramic industry in India and we are very proud of our successfull JV partner. Just have a look at their Puja ceremonies at customer site upon completion of the tunnel kiln assembly. @ Keramischer OFENBAU India: You’re a great team.

Roller kiln type eRO electrically heated

We constantly consider the development in many different areas, e.g. the broad field of e-mobility and the battery production necessary for it.

Our decades of comprehensive know-how for kiln concepts contribute to the thermal treatment of cathode powder for Li-Ion batteries. In cooperation with manufacturers in the battery industry and relevant networks (i.e. KLiB), energy-saving and sustainable kiln concepts are further developed and used.

Roller kiln type eRO



As a German manufacturer of kilns for the firing of ceramics Keramischer OFENBAU successfully installed a number of chamber kilns for the firing of hand formers in Malaysia, where most of the manufacturers are located.

The advantages of the kiln concept, made by Keramischer OFENBAU:

  • Kiln working without any rails / tracks / cars
  • Using stacks and forklifters for loading and unloading the hand formers, thus enabling great flexibility for the production process
  • Kiln loading and unloading from two sides >> fast and efficient >> short kiln down times.
  • 3 firing cycles per day are possible.
  • Reduction or oxidizing firing
  • Special kiln design, preventing the kiln from cooling down too much between firing cycles, thus resulting in significantly low energy consumption.
  • Low energy consumption >> reducing the carbon footprint.

Besides handformers, this type of kiln is also suitable for glost firing of chinaware or technical ceramics.

Photo by courtesy of our esteemed customer FORMTECH, Malaysia, with several chamber kilns made by Keramischer OFENBAU.

Clean firing process with energy-efficient technology


Our customer Geberit Finland says:

About two thirds of the energy consumption in the production of sanitary ware is accounted for by the firing process, in which cast products are fired to produce finished ceramics. The modernisation of the tunnel kiln with the energy-saving heating system EnerViT by Keramischer OFENBAU will therefore have a significant impact on the energy consumption of the Ekenäs plant and thus on CO2 emissions. The achieved energy savings per year are 2900 MWh. This is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of about 160 single-family homes, i.e. heating 120 m2 single-family homes and providing hot water for the needs of four residents. At the same time, CO2 emissions have been reduced by 650 tonnes per year. The same renovation was carried out on a total of 11 tunnel kilns in seven different Geberit sanitary ware factories.

Read more


That’s what our customers say:

A total of eleven kilns in seven ceramics plants have been fitted with the energy-saving EnerViT burner technology of the Keramischer Ofenbau GmbH. By retrofitting the kilns, Geberit was able to achieve energy savings of more than 20% per plant.

Read more

Kiln Modernisation

Retrofitting kilns of any kind
with Keramischer OFENBAU

Just an example of successful modernisation, together with energy savings,  in this case by 21 %, an increase in operational safety and maintenance as well as increase in output, here by approx. 6 %. This customer is very satisfied with the achieved results in timing, energy, quality, and output.

Kiln Modernisation: Have a look at our company site on LinkedIn

Increasing electrification – growing demand for ceramic insulators

Keramischer OFENBAU Herdwagenofen

Shuttle kiln

With shuttle kilns from Keramischer OFENBAU you can adapt to your production requirements.

Even after countless firing cycles, a customer is still extremely satisfied with the shuttle kiln for high-voltage insulators. The kiln with a setting volume of 61 m³ consumes approx. 25 % less gas than comparable kiln systems. According to the customer’s statement, the kiln still requires almost no maintenance, burner adjustment or similar. The gas consumption, temperature distribution and production results with the high-voltage insulators are extremely good. The fibre lining is also in a very good condition.

Very flexible firing curve design due to the high-tech firing system as well as very good temperature distribution even with difficult setting are outstanding features of this shuttle kiln type, which is available both as „down-draught system“ and „up-draught system“.

Keramischer OFENBAU builds a new tunnel kiln plant in India

Energy efficiency at its best from day one

Keramischer OFENBAU is building a new tunnel kiln plant for the Jaquar Group.

The Jaquar Group is one of the leading producers in India in the premium segment of the sanitary ware sector.

The supplied tunnel kiln, 120 m long and 3.6 m wide for firing high quality sanitary ware, is being built at the Bhachau plant in India. Jaquar is relying on the experienced and innovative competence of Keramischer OFENBAU and is placing the kiln including dryer, kiln car, kiln car transport system and modern process visualisation as well as kiln construction and commissioning completely in the hands of the German company in Hildesheim/Germany. For the assembly the proven cooperation with Keramischer OFENBAU India was chosen.

From day one, saleable sanitary ware is produced in this tunnel kiln. Even heavy and geometrically complex parts can be sold immediately after firing without any rejects. In addition to this high product quality, the kiln stands out for its particularly low energy consumption. For a nominal output of approx. 3.745 kg/h the energy consumption is about 650 kcal/kg ware, a fantastic value.

Jaquar is convinced of the state-of-the kiln technology of the German kiln manufacturer such that they decided still during the project phase directly on the energy-saving conversion of an existing kiln system (third-party brand).

Keramischer OFENBAU participating in Indian Ceramics Asia 2020


India’s Annual Ceramic & Brick Machinery, Raw Material, Supplies & Technology Show, taking place from 3 March to 5 March 2020  at The Exhibition Centre Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

Keramischer OFENBAU India PvT. Ltd. as a Joint Venture Company with Keramischer OFENBAU GmbH, Germany (KOG), one of the market leaders of kilns for the ceramic industry will participate at the fair.

 Come and visit us at Hall No. 2, Stall No. B-051.

With full marketing, engineering, manufacturing and commissioning capabilities in India, and on-line back up service and support from Germany, Keramischer OFENBAU India and Keramischer OFENBAU GmbH Germany are able to offer very quick and innovative solutions for customers’ requirements – comprising of latest European technology at reasonable prices with full service and spare parts support. Design and marketing offices in Noida, near Delhi and Workshop is located in Raipur, Chattisgarh.

Indian Ceramics Asia is India’s leading annual trade fair and conference for ceramic and brick Industry with presence of all leading companies showcase a wide range of ceramics and brick latest machinery , high quality raw materials, analysis and laboratory equipment, technical ceramics, equipment for storage, materials handling and much more used in ceramics and bricks industry.

Carbon tax: Climate protection or bogeyman for the industry?

Carbon taxes are expected to account for an additional 30 – 50 % of fuel costs by 2025.

Are your kilns fit for the new decade?

There is still enough time to invest in energy-efficient systems with us:

  • Our EnerViTplus system in oxidizing tunnel and roller kilns, with extremely high potential for reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Our Lambda Control system for oxidizing chamber/shuttle kilns.
  • Our air/water heat exchanger system.

A thorough analysis of established combustion systems pays off. We offer you professional optimization with regard to production process, product quality, amortization as well as modernization or new investment.

We may help you! Speak with us!



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