Moving forward together

Providing high-quality products as well as excellent service and advice is of the utmost importance to us. They even come along on business trips. Keramischer OFENBAU supports clients proactively.


Service-oriented solutions

We have earned the trust of clients in more than 45 countries while abiding by a proven company philosophy. Our experts are highly competent in the field, and demonstrate that this is the case at the client’s site. Their motto is: Roll up the sleeves, implement service-oriented solutions, and adhere to all deadlines. Keramischer OFENBAU follows clear guidelines and the motto: “We sinter ceramics – success is our goal!“.


Being a leader means the following to us: to improve existing processes while constantly striving for progress. In the age of digitalisation and automation, innovation has become an obligation. We proactively provide suggestions for alternative heating, monitoring and sorting processes to our clients. For both existing and new systems: The requirements and requests of the client are a priority.

Consistent quality management

Demanding clients trust us for a good reason. Our actions are transparent and our advice is sensitive. Consistent quality management ensures that our expertise and reliability can make a difference.

We embrace the opportunity to meet with clients who would like to grow with us and who strive to be trailblazers within their sector. Each upgrade of an outdated kiln plant entails a short transformation process. In the long run, however, it opens up the opportunity to take a big step forward.