Great variety across the globe

Our kiln plants are champions when it comes to variety. They combine compelling quality with a high beneficial value.


We take great pride in that

The variety in applications and products is amazing. Even we are amazed to see what the ceramics industry accomplishes with our help. From top quality China and sanitary ceramics all the way to roofing tiles: All ceramic products and components must undergo thermal treatment to allow the respective material properties to gain the required effect. It is precisely that thermal treatment that we provide.

The greatest strength of Keramischer OFENBAU is the following: We ensure the production of top quality end products at low production expenses. With energy efficient and production reliable kiln plants, our team contributes to the success of your company. At firing temperatures of up to 1,800 °C, high quality, durable and useful products are created. We take pride in the fact that our cool ideas are compelling for hot topics across the globe.

Thrilling technology

System: Roller kiln type eRO, electrically heated
Product: battery powder / cathode material for Li-Ion batteries, i.e. NMC622, NMC811 and LFP
Special characteristics: encapsulated roller drive, completely gas-tight
Benefit: special kiln atmosphere for high requirements, constant temperature distribution, low energy consumption

Highest quality

System: Shuttle kiln
product: Monoblock sanitary ware up to 85 kilogrammes
Process: 3 deck structure for first firing and re-firing
Benefits: voltage-free firing and high quality

Highest capacity

System: Tunnel kiln
product: Sanitary ware
Special characteristics: 4 metres wide for firing sanitary ceramics
Benefit: high capacities and low energy consumption

Full capacity

System: Roller kiln
Special characteristics: encapsulated roller drive
Benefit: special kiln atmosphere for high requirements

Safe and secure process

System: Tunnel kiln with IBF-firing system (Isostatic Biscuit Firing System)
Product: isostatically pressed ware such as porcelain
Process: special batch firing
Benefit: constant temperature distribution, low energy consumption and minor crack formation in the biscuit firing process


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