Our assortment is designed to be sustainable

On behalf of the client: Keramischer OFENBAU writes a German success story with global effect.

Tradition and innovation

We combine competence, innovation and reliability. This perfect combination is the reason why Keramischer OFENBAU is among the internationally leading providers of kiln plants. Around 50 employees from three different locations are taking part in writing a German success story which has received worldwide attention.


Within two decades, our experienced team has built up and established something extraordinary. It continuously sets new standards for the sintering of ceramic products, it facilitates the integration of kiln plants into automated product lines, and it improves the energy efficiency of existing firing systems.

Well established network, qualified partners

Our company headquarters in Hildesheim, located around 30 kilometres South of Hannover, serve as the basis for sustainable success. From here, Keramischer OFENBAU GmbH, founded in 1996, takes advantage of a well established network of qualified partners and suppliers.

The common goal is a perfect synergy of engineering and know-how. To have a very good understanding of the technology and at the same time remain as authentic as possible in close dialogue with the clients: Our service-oriented team and General Managers, Thomas Alten and David McGuinness, are very proud of these skills.


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