Keramischer OFENBAU:

Cool ideas for hot topics

Energy efficiency begins with the right mindset. We provide cool ideas. For hot topics and economical kiln plants.

Competence rather than call centres

We have all the reason to blow our horn here and now. Top offers, great models, brand new concepts – sounds pretty awesome, however, boasting is not really our style. The success of Keramischer OFENBAU is based on many years of experience and clever concepts. Our kiln plants will win you over as effective and sustainable solutions for your company. They are the result of innovative technology and excellent consulting services.


Our team is busy designing and developing cool ideas for hot topics within the ceramics industry. How? Through direct dialogue with you. Together, we will find a reasonable balance of energy and production expenses. Keramischer OFENBAU carries out research in your area, understands your industry sector and is familiar with the regional peculiarities. Our experts can be reached directly, and always respond promptly. Competence rather than call centres, quality rather than quantity. Have we made our point yet?

Champion in efficiency

Our state-of-the-art kiln plants are champions in efficiency. A glance at our roller kilns, tunnel kilns and shuttle kilns verifies: The kilns excel with their excellent combination of a clever design, state-of-the-art technology and reliable processes.

The focus is on finding the ideal solution for each requirement and the respective area of application. In doing so, we will be at your side and meet the most complex customer needs.

The comprehensive product range of Keramischer OFENBAU can be found here.

All set for the future

The sintering of ceramic products requires speed and common sense. We believe: Anyone who is interested in tapping into new market segments and helping to shape the future in a more sustainable way should also be willing to sometimes press the stop button, accept to put up with a production standstill, and critically examine existing procedures. Keramischer OFENBAU continually analyses and optimizes existing systems.

Our energy-efficient EnerViT firing system is used to save up to 40 % of the energy output in continuous kilns. A fully automated burner monitoring system optimizes heating and cooling processes at good flame stability: For permanent industrial operation, EnerViT provides many benefits at fair terms.

The thorough analysis of well established firing systems is paying off now. EnerViT conditions new systems with very short amortisation and existing systems with medium amortisation for an environmentally conscious future. Our team is busy designing and developing, consulting, training and implementing. It helps more and more clients make smart investments into sustainable success.