In touch with the latest trends

We are flexible – so are our kilns. Keramischer OFENBAU provides professional advice on optimisation and upgrades for all systems.

Modernisation made easy

Keramischer OFENBAU shows initiative and is in touch with the latest trends. Our kiln plants are efficient core components which grow as the requirements increase. As part of the professional advice on optimisation and conversion, our team upgrades and modernises existing kiln plants – irrelevant of whether these are made by our company or other manufacturers. We are pleased to support our clients with our long-standing experience in the design, development and implementation of such projects. This allows for tapping into new market segments, lowering energy expenses, and increasing productivity.


We are ready!

Keramischer OFENBAU provides consulting and implementation services. Our solutions include the following:

  • Kiln extensions
  • Relocation/conversion of kiln plants
  • Retrofitting heating systems
  • New burner systems
  • Capacity increase with additional goal-oriented equipment
  • Energy demand calculation
  • Utilisation of existing resources
  • Kiln change-over for a change in the product type
  • Kiln renovations such as refractory repair, kiln ceiling renovations or corrosion repair
  • Advice on the use of local materials

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