Measures, meaures, measures for a good energy balance

For a comprehensive energy audit, we need a reliable data basis. Here, our team collects this crucial data in on-site measurements for our customer – with a lot of fun at work, of course!

good energy balance

But why measure before the modernisation of the kiln actually starts?

Such work is particularly important when it comes to optimising the energy efficiency of industrial kilns. How much energy does the plant consume? And how much of it can be saved by installing our EnerViT system for instance? How much waste heat is generated and can thus be put to further use with our heat exchangers? These questions can be answered best on the basis of reliable energy data after careful measurements.

More information on our well-established optimisations of ceramic kilns is available here. Especially our EnerViT system allows for a great potential in energy savings. And we can do even more: With EnerViT H2 ready, your kiln is ready for up to 100 % hydrogen! Feel free to contact us at or visit our LinkedIn profile for more interesting insights.

Our team also welcomes new talent to build the kiln of the future with us. You can find our current job offers and read more about your career at Keramischer OFENBAU here on our website.

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