We do not only provide our customers with most efficient kilns, but also offer highly effective modernizations for existing plants. Retrofitting our heat exchanger systems for instance allows for the extensive use of exhaust air energy. This energy results from cooling processes in any roller and tunnel kilns. Heat exchangers thus save energy.

Our air-water-heat exchangers allow for specific advantages: Besides their integration into existing processes, their especially high heat transition, and their facilitated isolation, a water based system additionally allows for storage of the recovered energy. This thermal energy can thus be used further, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Heat exchangers save energy

Installing our heat exchangers enables fast savings through more intensive energy use. The exhaust air energy from the cooling processes in tunnel and roller kilns is not released unused. It is further utilised and thus reduces the plant’s energy demand. Therefore, the system is not only more efficient, it allows the kiln plant to be retrofitted with our EnerViT technology at a later date. This means that existing systems can be converted at low cost to reduce emissions and consumption in more efficient kilns. Our heat exchangers combined with our EnerViT system get the best out of your kiln plant, reduce consumption and your energy costs.

Use your residual energy! Contact us if you would like to learn more about energy efficiency through our heat exchanger systems. You can also find information here and on our LinkedIn profile!