Effective solution for efficient kiln systems

Getting more out of the energy used – That‘s more important today than ever before, in the ceramic industry as well. That’s why we design and build highly efficient industrial kilns for our customers, tailor-made to meet every need. However, a new plant is not always necessary for maximum efficiency. We can also achieve optimal results through energy-efficient modernisation. And at comparatively little expense, for example by retrofitting with heat exchangers.

Our air-water heat exchangers enable the extensive use of exhaust air from cooling processes in continuous kilns and thus offer particular advantages: Besides easy integration into existing processes, particularly high heat transfer and facilitated insulation, a water-based system allows for additional storage of the recovered energy. Our customers can thus further utilise this thermal energy and thus reduce both energy consumption and emissions.

heat exchangers

A plant modernised in this way not only becomes more efficient, but can additionally be retrofitted and further optimised later with our EnerViT system – ideally even with EnerViT H2 ready.

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