Efficient cooperation between Northern Germany and Northern India

Efficiency – the term is not limited to the ever so important energy efficiency for us!

We continuously provide you with insights into our Hildesheim team, but did you know that we work closely with our teams from Keramischer OFENBAU España and Keramischer OFENBAU India?

This allows us to realise projects even more efficiently on site for our customers. Top quality. maximum efficiency, and tailor-made kiln plants – that’s what ceramic producers can expect from us. We build state-of-the-art kilns of highest energy efficiency. And we optimise existing plants for maximum energy savings, depending on our customers‘ needs. With our team in India, our local customers also have a contact person directly at their plant even faster.

We build state-of-the-art kilns with the highest energy efficiency levels and optimise existing plants for maximum energy savings, just as our customers need it. And not just for heating with natural gas – our portfolio ranges from electric heating to operation with 100 % hydrogen. And that for a wide range of applications from tableware, sanitary ware or building ceramics to technical ceramics, fuel cells and battery powder.

A little glimpse of the cooperation between the German and the Indian team: Georg von Oldershausen and Sandeep Mathur on a customer visit and a tunnel kiln resulting from our teamwork in action.

efficient collaboration Germany and India

We rely on excellent partnership and intensive exchange to bring the kiln of the future to the whole world. And successfully so!

Many thanks to our Keramischer OFENBAU India team for the close and successful cooperation!
You can find more information on our team here. You are interested in becoming part? Apply now for one of our current vacancies!