Did you know… ?

Did you know that we built our first roller kiln 25 years ago? Based on our team’s experience, we have gained a lot of experience, constantly developed, and become the market leader in terms of energy efficiency since then. But we also did convincing work a quarter century ago – after all, this first roller kiln of the Keramischer OFENBAU team is still busy producing flower pots and planters today! Of course, energy and safety modernisations were carried out during this time, imperative for reliable and safe operation.

The early trust in us has more than paid off for our customer. That is why this was not the last Keramischer OFENBAU kiln for this company. Their second roller kiln was installed by our team ten years ago.

durable roller kiln

We offer convincing quality, reliability, and individual service and have been doing so since 1996! In addition, we score points with our focus on the most energy-efficient systems for products of the highest quality – today more important than ever.

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