Energy efficiency with KeramischerOFENBAU

Making more out of the energy consumed – that’s more important today than ever before.

We have prioritised energy efficiency for many years. Therefore, we tailor the most efficient industrial kilns for products of the highest quality for every need. With this, we convinced our long-standing customer Turkuaz Seramik, as this interview starting on page 82 in the Ceramic World Review of Tile Edizioni shows.

More output with less consumption – that’s what our EnerViT system achieves in new plants and the optimisation of existing plants. And not only that. EnerViT H2 ready allows a low-threshold conversion to hydrogen as soon as it is available on site. This article in the ceramic world web newsletter on our EnerViT technology provides more information (and of course pictures).

You would like to commission a new kiln that reliably fires your table- or sanitary ware, your technical or structural ceramics exactly according to your needs? Are savings in energy consumption particularly important to you? Then we are your ideal partner! We engineer and build your plant exactly as you need it. Does your kiln system deserve an optimisation or modernisation to achieve the state of the art not only in terms of safety but also of energy? We are experts in this field! We get the maximum out of your system, in every respect.

Energy efficiency with KeramischerOFENBAU

Competence, efficiency and innovation, this mixture is what makes us stand out and we are proud of it! We have convinced our long-standing partner Turkuaz Seramik with this more than once.

Find out more about us and our EnerViT system here on our website or contact us directly with any further questions. We look forward to it!