A more sustainable future in the ceramics industry depends on highly increased energy efficiency and alternative energy sources. At Keramischer OFENBAU, we provide you with both:

Our well-established EnerViT technology allows for up to 50 % savings in both energy usage and CO2 emissions, as we have shown you in our case studies. These savings are very relevant in the industry’s transition towards a greener future, which is why we consider EnerViT an optimal bridging technology. New kiln plants or retrofitted existing plants – EnerViT is both economically and ecologically sensible.

But we do not stop here: As the electrification of existing plants requires large investments, we pave the way towards the kiln of the future running on green hydrogen. We offer our customers our low-threshold solution: EnerViT H2 ready. With this system, the efficiency of ceramic kiln plants is increased immediately. Simultaneously, the plant is prepared to switch from natural gas to hydrogen with minor adaptations as soon as H2 is available.